15 Sharp St East
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
15 Sharp St East,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Retail Revolution

On the
cutting edge of
Causeway bay


Located in the heart of Hong Kong’s retail district,
Oliv brings the Ginza retail concept to Causeway Bay
in elegance and style.

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Matchless In Style, Perfect In Form

Oliv is redefining Ginza style vertical retail leading the way in transforming Sharp Street East.

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International Swiss watchmaker, FRANCK MULLER welcome connoisseurs of fine timepieces around the world for an inimitable and bespoke customer experience.
Location:    G & 1 st floor
Category:   Lifestyle
Telephone:   +852 2522 8800
Website:   http://www.franckmuller.com


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FRANCESCO by FRANCK MULLER delights the senses by marrying Italian and Japanese cuisine to create a new dining perspective in the heart of Causeway Bay.
Location:    2 nd floor
Category:   F&B
Telephone:   +852 62993292
Website:   http://www.francescobyfranck.com/


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EIGHTEEN SHARP marks the first fine dining experience from any Fine Swiss Watchmaker, with curated menu boasts Contemporary Chinese Cuisine presented from a Western perspective.
Location:    3 rd floor
Category:   F&B
Telephone:   +852 2153 3366
Website:   http://www.eighteensharp.com


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Location:    17 th floor
Category:   Beauty

Velocity Aquabike Studio

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Velocity Studio is the FIRST Aquabiking studio in Asia and Hong Kong. It is a uniquely French wellness combining jacuzzi and cycling immersed in water.
Location:    14 th floor
Category:   Beauty
Telephone:   2110 4460
Website:   http://www.velocitystudio.hk


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SECRET CORNER aims to provide high quality home and fashion products for customers. We are selling Japanese branded fashion, accessories, zakka, homeware and sleepwear. Customers can enjoy shopping in our concept store as well as online shop.
Location:    20 th floor
Category:   Lifestyle
Telephone:   2881 1381
Website:   http://www.secretcornerhk.com

UKIYO Modern Teppanyaki

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UKIYO Modern Teppanyaki is a teppanyaki steakhouse in the heart of Causeway Bay that showcases a mix of both traditional Japanese and stylish, contemporary cooking.
Location:    18 th floor
Category:   F&B
Telephone:   21528880


Ginza Retail And Lifestyle Redefined

Situated at 15 Sharp Street East, Oliv strategically stands next to the retail Mecca of Times Square and Russell Street in Causeway Bay.
Merging style, elegance and functionality with Japan’s Ginza Retail concept, Oliv brings you vertical retailing and lifestyle at its finest.
Following are some of our key features that create a comfortable abode for boutique retailers and restaurants.

-   Key  features   -

High ceiling (4.98m Slab-to slab)     /     Full glass frontage     /     5KPa floor loading
High-speed lifts     /     High visibility signage     /     24 hr independent air-conditioning system     /     Widened pedestrian walkway


Exemplified in
Causeway Bay

Regardless of your choice of transportation, Oliv is always easily accessible.

Traffic lay-bys are strategically located steps from Oliv’s entrance; car parking is situated across the street. For public transportation, the Causeway Bay MTR station is accessible within minutes, with taxi stations, bus terminus and tram stops all within a stone’s throw.

Our notable neighbors include Times Square, Hysan Place, Lee Theater, Leighton Center and Russell Street just to name a few.

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